Anna Livia Croella

Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti (DIAG), Sapienza Università di Roma

Via Ariosto n°25, 00185 Rome, Italy

room A115

Phone: 06-77274086


Reception by appointment

Anna Livia Croella earned her PhD in Operations Research (MAT-09) in May 2022 at La Sapienza University of Rome. She belongs to the Department of Computer Engineering, Automation and Management Antonio Ruberti (DIAG, formerly Department of Computer and Systems Engineering) at the Faculty of Information Engineering, Informatics and Statistics of Sapienza University of Rome.

From December 2017 to November 2018 she worked as a consultant for Accenture S.p.A..

In April 2018 received a post degree recognition prize as one of the 400 outstanding students of Sapienza University of Rome.

Research Interests

  • Combinatorial Optimization

  • Mixed Integer Programming

  • Train Dispatching

  • Job Shop Scheduling

  • Waste Management

Research Products