Case - Optimizing Food Donation Delivery for Nonprofit Company

SoS - Solution Simulator

SoS presentation.mp4

Solution Simulator (SoS)

SoS is an offline application created using CustomTkinter, a Python UI library (

The application is compatible with Windows and macOS* platforms.

Figure 1 shows the Home frame appearing after launching the application.

*On macOS put the app in quarantine platforms by running the following command in a terminal:
xattr -d your/path/to/SoS/

Figure1: SoS Home Frame.

SoS needs three folders to be run: data, input and output.


The data folder contains an Excel file named Data.xlsx with all the data required to model the Logica&Co problem. It includes:

A file named Data.txt, summarizing all data reported in Data.xlsx in a text file, can also be generated using a SoS command |Print|.


The input folder contains solution-alike .txt files. To evaluate the quality of a proposed solution, this folder must be populated with the solution data by the users.


The output folder is the target folder for the simulation reports. After a simulation, the output folder is automatically populated with a variable summary file and a report.

How to use SoS

The SoS allows users to gain insights into a solution and inspect the framework data. A Map frame provides a navigable map of all soup kitchens, local businesses and warehouses, and an Info frame summarizes the step-by-step procedure for running a simulation.

Within the Home frame, there are three command buttons: